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College applications are a holistic process. It’s not about one grade, test, or essay, but rather, how all of these pieces work together to express who you are. That's why we review entire applications.

Most college consulting companies today will charge exorbitant rates for essay editing packages, only to give you minimal commentary and essays that lack originality and authenticity.

Our approach is different.

The ApplicationFlow team is comprised solely of current Stanford undergraduates. Collectively, our consultants got into Stanford, every Ivy League school, and other top universities in some of the most competitive years in history.

And our prices lead the industry. Our services are so cheap, we don't have to hide them behind "free consultations" and other shenanigans.

They start at just $299 →

Our holistic approach

We aren't going to just fix a couple of grammar errors and send you on your way.

An application must be alive and flow. All of its pieces must work together, in conjunction, to stand out. This authenticity is lost in most essay editing services, where context is left out completely. At best, their method will show off grammatical mastery to an admissions officer. At worst, it could fragment an application by removing its delicate cohesion.

This is why we opt to review the entire application. We worry about the interplay of the essays, activities, classes, and experiences. Above all, we want the pieces of the puzzle to fit together in harmony.